Mr. Golding practices in many different areas of law and is highly experienced in all of them. He provides personal and caring legal services to each and every client, while fighting aggressively while defending and protecting your rights.

While many view the need for a lawyer as a negative, we will help our clients deal with difficult situations and find solutions to problems.We can meet in the comfort of one of our offices, in your home, hospital, a diner, coffee shop, or anywhere a client feels most relaxed.

We want you to be comfortable consulting a lawyer for any reason. If we cannot assist you, we will gladly refer you to a legal colleague known for providing the same personal service and high levels of subject-specific expertise that characterizes our practice.

Practice Areas:

General Practice
Family Law
Corporation / LLC’s
Real estate NY/NJ
Personal Injury
Wills / Trusts / Estates
Landlord / Tenant